The Society’s brave climbers and their reward

Yesterday, members of the Society visited Newland Church to hear about the HLF funded refurbishment of the tower which is now nearing completion and – for those who wished to do so – to climb the scaffolding to see the work close up.
The talk by Lisa Edwards, the contractor whose firm is doing the work, was fascinating. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was obvious, and members had many questions. I'm sure most people have no idea of the complexity of these projects, with different stones being sourced from quarries around the country – in cases where our own local quarries are no longer operating – the technicalities of mortars and the delicacy of the work to both repair and conserve the stonework. And all of this being done a long way up in the air, in all weathers.
Our very sincere thanks to Lisa, and also to Laura Stevens who organised the morning for us and the tea and coffee and excellent biscuits. A very worthwhile event.
Here's a small selection of some of the photos with people you may recognise.
And the view – wow!
If you have other photos from the day you would like to share, please post them here – I'm sure everyone will love to see them.

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