The Scarr Bandstand at Milkwall

For over 100 years there has been a bandstand at the Scar,  in the woodland between Milkwall and Sling. The bandstand was originally built  in 1913 by the Milkwall and District Charity Committee.

An annual ‘Hospital  Sunday’ event was held at the bandstand during the summer months. Various bands  would march from different starting points in the Forest to the bandstand.

Local dignitaries would give speeches, the bands would play and money was  collected from the crowds attending. The money was distributed to the local  needy and to local hospitals in Bristol, Gloucester and Monmouth.

The ‘Hospital Sunday’ event ran for many years, attracting  crowds of up to 4000 in its heyday. The introduction fo the National Health  Service in 1948 led to the demise of many ‘Hospital Sunday’ schemes.

 In the 1980s, the Scar bandstand was moved and rebuilt in a  new location lower down the hillside. The photograph below shows the current  bandstand. Unfortunately, little use is now made of it.

 Do you have memories of bands playing at the Scar? Would you  like to see the bandstand in use once again? Please comment by clicking on the  ‘reply’ button above!

4 thoughts on “The Scarr Bandstand at Milkwall”

    1. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the Forest! I believe talks are still ongoing, so I guess things won’t move quickly, but at least the process has started. Cheryl

  1. Many thanks for your comments, we are planning to write an article about the Scarr Bandstand for (hopfully!) incljusion in next years edition of the FODLHS journal, ‘The New Regard’. I hope you wont mind if we include a few of your comments!

  2. My father worked for The Forestry Commission as a civil engineer building roads for timber extraction. One of the areas he covered from a base at Dunster Somerset was “The Dean” as he called it. He always said he built the new bandstand featured in your article.
    His name was Joe Taylor. This was a time of greater mobility, when more people were visiting the forest and I know he was involved in many projects across The West , building car parks and picnic sites to encourage responsible use of the facilities. It stands out in my mind as not many people build a bandstand, particularly in a forest.
    Noel Taylor

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