Ships and bears ….

An excellent talk Friday night to a full Blakeney hall by Phil Cox about the Newport medieval ship. Phil tells us all the documentation – an awful lot – is on this site┬áif you wish to dig deeper.
And then yesterday at Ruardean we commemorated 130 years of the bears courtesy of Reading the Forest, where Roger Deeks (also LHS vice chair) gave a fascinating talk about how the incident would likely have melted into history were it not politically expedient for certain parties to make use of it for their own ends. There was also a panel discussion hosted by BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Kate Clark with Andrew Gardiner of Ruardean, Nicola Wynn of Dean Heritage Centre, Roger Deeks and Jason Griffith of Reading the Forest (and the main mover behind the day). More about Reading the Forest here
Ruardean April 2019.jpg