2 thoughts on “Ruardean Hill Dig Open Day Sun 22 Sept”

  1. I am writing a book about the history of Ruardea n Woodside, adjacent to your dig at Ruardea n Hill in 2018.
    Looking at an eighteenth century map when trying to establish the old parish boundary, I saw an unusual feature marked : Old Bank. It passes through the woods to the South West of Ruardea n Hill and skirts the South side of Ruarden Woodside. It follows an almost straight line (but no existing forest tracks) and in places becomes field boundaries.
    I wondered if it showed up on you lidar survey and what you think it is.? We have found the substantial bank in two places only.
    Could it be medieval? Roman?

    1. Hi Angie – this is not FoD LHS work but the dig is being done by Worcester Archaeology for Forester’s Forest and the lidar survey I think is Jon Hoyle, Gloucestershire Archaeology. Here are the contacts:
      Foresters Forest
      Sue Middleton email sue.middleton@forestryengland.uk
      and Jon Hoyle (I have a vague feeling that st has happened re Jon and Glos Arch but try this) jon.hoyle@gloucestershire.gov.uk
      Last year Jon published Hidden Landscapes of the Forest of Dean https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14662035.2018.1766811. It’s a pricy publication however, so an email first might be good!
      Hope that helps, Cheryl

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