Pubs in Lydney – attachment!

​One of the Society's members has sent me the email below – I'm sure it's not only our members who will have information, memories to contribute, so please contact Marie directly if you can help her out.
Cheryl Mayo

Dear Cheryl


I wonder if you can help.  My history project this year for the Heritage Day 8th September at Lydney Community Centre, is ‘Lydney pubs’.  I have one photo of each pub, and will be taking photos of them, or their location, as they are today.  I intend to compile a comprehensive display of pictures and related history of the pubs. 


Geoff Davis has given me permission every year to use pictures and text from the Sungreen website, which is very helpful.


However, I’d be very grateful LHS members could help by contributing information, memories, pictures or stories about any of these pubs.   Information received will be credited.


Last year my project was Lydney High Street which was so successful the boards were displayed at Lydney library for three months.  I’ve been meaning to produce an article, and also a PowerPoint presentation, on my findings, but haven’t got round to it yet!


Please feel free to circulate my telephone number and email address.


With kind regards and best wishes


Marie Fraser Griffiths

01594 843107




doc icon Lydney-pubs-list.docx

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