Our Shared Forest – a strategy for the Forest of Dean for future generations

Over the past several months here in the Dean, the Forestry Commission has been working with various stakeholder groups on a project aimed at setting a new direction for the way in which our Forest is managed. This is an exciting initiative, which has partly arisen from the Heritage funded Foresters' Forest project but is being undertaken by our local Forestry Commission as a separate but very much related initiative.
A draft strategy for consultation is now available and your input is being sought to help shape the next step. The Society's committee will write formally to the Commission to comment on the draft from the history society's perspective, but everyone has this opportunity to have a say in what our Forest will look like and how it will be managed to the benefit of all for generations to come. Please respond!
The draft strategy is attached below
ThenĀ this link to complete the survey
This link takes you to the overall FC site about this initiative, for further information.

pdf icon FCE_Our-Shared-Forest_Consultation-Draft_2019v2.pdf

2 thoughts on “Our Shared Forest – a strategy for the Forest of Dean for future generations”

  1. I believe that enjoyment of the forest would be further enhanced by giving people more on site, information about it’s activities.
    E.G. Recently many acres of larch at Wigpool have been shredded wholesale. When I have explained the reasoning behind the action, it generated genuine interest from locals and understanding why the FC took the action they did. Real Brownie points for the FC.
    Similarly when tree planting is done, information on the species planted, it’s future maintenance programme ultimate lifespan and final useage would be of interest to many people.
    There would of course be a cost inpreparing the info boards, but I believe that it would really engage peoples interest in why the FC does what it does.

    1. Yes, sometimes there are good reasons for things which at first glance appear bad. Hope you put all this in your response to the survey, and thanks for commenting

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