Aspects of Wood – August coach outing

Months in the researching and a couple of trial runs later the annual society coach outing was a great success on Saturday 20th August.

Although during the week leading up to it the sun had shone and it had been very warm the weather did a complete change around for the day with intermittent rain showers and wind (not the 40 mile winds that had been forecast – thank goodness) but this added to the mystery of the the day (will it or won't it rain when getting off the bus); as normal, until we arrive at a stop nobody really know where they will be exactly going or visiting or what they will learn – only hint as to what the theme the trip will follow is the title given to it.
As normal several stops & walks; a visit to Newland village & church; Charles II oaks, enclosures, lodges, wood management, WWII shadow factory, hedges, tanneries galore and much much more.
There was a stop for tea in the morning at the up and coming Swan Tearooms in Aylvington (due to open to the public end of September) and, while it poured with rain, lunch at Whitemead park – members enjoy their different stops for tea and lunch every year.
Looking forward to next years trip – already in the planning!
Cecile & Averil
Trip organisers 

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