Responses on phone boxes

Jennifer Lang sent me this after she had contacted Cinderford Town Council who directed her to their facebook page where they had posted the following:
BT have informed us of their intent to remove four Public Phone Boxes in the town due to lack of use.
Below is a list of the boxes and the number of times calls have been made from them in the last 12 months.
Church Road by the Nags Head – 55
Valley Road by the shop – 3
Edge Hills Road – 40
Steam Mills – 27
Three of these boxes are the old red boxes and we can adopt the boxes for £1 each. We are going to adopt the boxes and hopefully put them to use. In many areas they have been used to house defibrillators or put to other comunity uses.

And this from John Belcher:

Hello Cheryl,

There is a disused one at the DHC. Any ideas for use? The Berry Hill one outside the Globe is to become a 'swaps' book library.

Telephone boxes

It has come to my attention that 72 telephone boxes in the Forest of Dean are to be removed by BT in the next few months. I understand that town/parish councils can purchase these boxes for £1 each and then the community can use them for other purposes. As historic reminders of the past, I do feel that some should be retained in situ so I would like to invite everyone to write to their local councils urging them to approach BT and retain some of these iconic boxes.

Below is the list of those they intend to remove.
Averil Kear
Enquiries Officer