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Our Beachley Outing



We picked the perfect day and time for our Beachley outing –
7 pm on the hottest day of the year, Tuesday 19 July, meeting in the Old Ferry Inn carpark to enjoy the breeze off the river and for the start
of our tour led by Tidenham History Group members, Richard and Carol Clammer.
We started at the slipway, where there has long been some sort of crossing here, with a ferry since
about 900 AD, and used by coaches until the rival crossing at Black Rocks gained the railway.



We visited the Church and the tiny school and school-house,
and explored the Commonwealth War Graves cemetery there. Most of the village is now MOD land, stemming back to
Sept 1917 when the
powers-that-be came up with a plan to build prefabricated ships at Beachley. In order to execute this plan, the whole village
was compulsorily acquired and everyone summarily booted out with two weeks’
The full story is being written up
by Richard and Carol, and when their book is published we will have them come
along to a Society meeting and tell us all about it.

Our thanks to them for a fascinating glimpse into a near,
but not very familiar, place.


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Pillowell – that’s a hill!

A dozen or so members of the Society decided not to do the ironing (in front of the television…tennis anyone? or racing? ) this afternoon and instead follow fellow members Steve Cooper and Geoff Davis on our tour of Pillowell.  Steve is also the Chairman of the FW Harvey Society, so our walk was punctuated with notes about Harvey’s favourite pub, his first married home, and even some poems. The rain showers were mercifully brief, and no-one minded anyway, given this was a part of the Forest which few of us had even seen, let alone knew much about.  Many thanks to the Methodist Church for opening up for us, and also to FWH’s daughter who kindly invited us for tea at Harvey’s old home, Highview. Full details and more pictures in the next newsletter.

Yet another green tin hut. Erected before the one which was the old Yorkley village hall and now owned by Forest of Dean Brass
Yet another green tin hut. Erected before the one which was the old Yorkley village hall and now owned by Forest of Dean Brass
The old Pillowell Police Station
The old Pillowell Police Station